Think Of The Potential

I recently heard Stewart Muir from Resource Works speak and he gave us some great words of wisdom: “ When we watched the major underdog in the British soccer league win the league championship, we all learned a lesson on how to accomplish what people will think of as impossible. The coach stated that he… Continue Reading »

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

When I look and hear what is going on economically at the moment, I often ask people of there are things that they can do to make their business or themselves better during these times. I attended the 2016 Community Awards in Fort St John recently and watched as a large number of people and… Continue Reading »

Surviving These Times

In these challenging economic times, it is sometimes hard to focus on the future rather than the present. Many are challenged financially and organizationally as external forces put pressure on you. The key thing in dealing with these forces is to realize that some are beyond your control and you are going to have to… Continue Reading »

The Sometimes Forgotten Software

During the past few months, I have been constantly on the watch for ideas to make office life more exciting and inclusive. This can be a big challenge especially in large multi-story offices where staff are often isolated from each other either by different stories in the building or by long and complicated office configurations…. Continue Reading »

The Business Continuity Plan

As we start another year, recent events over the summer including fires, storms, etc. the idea of having a business continuity plan hovers in the background. Mother nature seems to be on a rant in the past year and many communities have experienced man and nature made disasters. It is time that everyone invested in… Continue Reading »


As I travel around, many of the discussions I am hearing are on accountability by organizations, companies and employees. Many organizations and companies have discovered that they should have been more diligent in ensuring that accountability ranks high in oversight of everything to do with the organization and company. This involves accountability with respect to… Continue Reading »


I attended a presentation this month on stress in the workplace. It was interesting to reaffirm that stress in the workplace can result in high absenteeism; health issues, and have an overall impact on performance by all employees, including managers. Having experienced this myself as a senior manager, it is something that everyone in the… Continue Reading »

Be Prepared

This is the time of year when we witness new growth all around us. We are shedding the heavy winter clothing and looking at that summer gear. It is also that time of year when we experience the greatest impatience in waiting for summer to finally arrive. My theme this month is getting prepared for… Continue Reading »


I was recently having a discussion on responding to Request for Proposals and the most common theme in the discussion was how people behaved before submitting a response. In the case we were discussing, was everything from having no contact at all with the company requesting the RFP to people doing research and contacting the… Continue Reading »

That Warm And Comfortable Den

We get more sunshine every day! Today is Groundhog Day and it reminds me of a saying I heard on the weekend- “If you aim for nothing, you will hit it with amazing accuracy”. Is the day and age of uncertainly of global economies, I often wonder how many companies or organizations are actually planning… Continue Reading »