As I travel around, many of the discussions I am hearing are on accountability by organizations, companies and employees. Many organizations and companies have discovered that they should have been more diligent in ensuring that accountability ranks high in oversight of everything to do with the organization and company. This involves accountability with respect to finances, organization and individuals.

With respect to finances, there are many practices and tools out there to monitor finances of companies and organizations. Simple things like who has signing authority, who is watching over the financial health of the organization and do you get monthly financial statements showing the revenues and expenditures of the organization or company. It is not that we don’t trust people but keeping a diligent eye on the finances can keep us all out of trouble.

With respect to personal accountability, this includes work performance, public presence and of course, these days, use of social media. Many employees forget that “public presence” accountability aspect of their employment. A simple example are those who drive dangerously on the roads while using a company vehicle with the name all over it. Your reputation can be easily tarnished by misbehaving while driving a company vehicle. This also goes for your behavior when away from the workplace, especially in small communities. People know who you are and who you work for so inappropriate behavior can reflect badly on your employer. And of course, good old social media. Many a politician or public figure has found out that poor use of social media can have dire consequences. Apologies later do not erase the original message you put out there for everyone to see.

Does this mean that we have to constantly live in a bubble? No, but being aware of how others may see you is always helpful.