Are You Relevant?

People often talk about resolutions and their commitment to those resolutions. I heard a saying the other day about resolutions- they are a promise made to yourself that lasts for about 30 days! So what resolutions are you going to be making to your company or organization in 2016. In these trying financial times, there are many whose primary promise to themselves is to reduce debt and create new markets or programs to move them forward. I have often seen organizations and companies stick with the “same old same old” and decide that they are going to weather the storm. Unfortunately this may work only part of the time and the results are the same- constantly following behind.

I was at a strategic planning workshop in December and when we were asked to put our goals in one word, the primary word that came out and was used throughout the process was “relevancy”. In looking at 2016, can you say to yourself or your board that you are going to remain relevant in 2016? If not, then how are you going to become relevant to your clients or potential future clients?

Will this mean:

  • Thinking out of the box or creating a new box for yourself.
  • Re-creating your company or organization? Some believe that re-branding is the key but is it really- will you stay the same with a new brand?
  • Exploring new options for your company or organization? This goes back to the box thing.
  • Promising to be more positive about life and your business/organization. Doom and gloom around the office or within your person is catchy and often results in moving backwards or missing opportunities.
  • Constantly keeping your eyes and ears open for new opportunities.
  • And don’t forget that when a door closes, another door opens- you just have to recognize that.

2016 will have a lot of challenges but much more opportunity for everyone. We just have to let it happen!