The Proverbial New Years Resolutions

This is the time of year when we all make resolutions that we promise to keep. I once heard that the definition of a resolution is a commitment that you promise to make for a day and for most of us, that is as good as it gets. So maybe this year we use the… Continue Reading »

Succession Planning

Thanks to Edward Stanford from Urban Systems, I am writing this month on succession planning. This is probably one of the last things that most boards, organizations and companies think of when doing strategic planning or long term business planning. But it is a reality that many employees are retiring at a rapid rate and… Continue Reading »

The Board

Many organizations and companies face the on going dilemma of having board members who are not familiar with their roles and responsibilities. I often get the impression that some people feel that sitting on a board is a warm and fuzzy thing to do with no consequences to their actions. This could not be further… Continue Reading »

Welcoming That New Employee

I heard a piece on the radio this morning on employee retention and a recent survey of employees and employers as to how they viewed the best incentives for retention of employees. The top method is working hours flexibility followed by such things as working environment and even paid vacations. It occurred to me that… Continue Reading »

Are You Ready?

As we watch the news, we can see that the world is changing quickly and this can affect business or non-profit organizations. The latest events around the temporary foreign worker situation have the possibility to affect not only businesses but also the communities that these folks work and now live in. This raises the whole… Continue Reading »

The Back Up Plan

I had the wonderful experience yesterday of having my computer decide to tell me who is in charge and it wasn’t me! Thanks to the wonderful folks at Apple, the problem eventually disappeared but it did cause me some major concern how I was going to access my files so that I could complete some… Continue Reading »

The Employee Performance Appraisal

I was listening to an interview the other day on the difficult topic of employee performance assessment. Some of the common thinking on this annual event are: They are often harder on the person performing the assessment. There is no one standard assessment process or format. The ones perceiving this process to be very negative… Continue Reading »

Your 2014 Business Plan

I was recently asked what my goals for 2014 were and I automatically went to the standard ones- lose weight, keep fit, etc. But I also started thinking about what my business goals were and this led me to thinking about my 2014 business plan. What did I want out of my business for this… Continue Reading »

Time To Celebrate The Small Things!

Have you ever had the experience of having a problem to solve and you just can’t resolve the issue? This happens every day to millions of people and some just give up, “buy another one instead of fixing it”, or they time a time out and focus on something else before going back to the… Continue Reading »

Marketing Yourself

Marketing yourself in this job market is sometimes very challenging despite the high demand for many skills. University graduates often find themselves taking a long time to find a job and a lot of that has to do with how they are marketing their own skills. Here are some tips to help you along with… Continue Reading »