Time To Celebrate The Small Things!

Have you ever had the experience of having a problem to solve and you just can’t resolve the issue? This happens every day to millions of people and some just give up, “buy another one instead of fixing it”, or they time a time out and focus on something else before going back to the problem. We live in a throw away world and we often do that to problems and in particular solutions .

Do how does one deal with these types of issues that is neither costly nor frustrating? I like the “time out” method as it has often resulted in finding out that the problem is not as big as it appeared or the solution is much simpler than originally appeared. The “clearing the head and walking away” often does not take a lot of time but sometimes a walk around the office, getting some fresh air or simply sleeping on it will do the trick. I recently had such a problem and it took me three days to final look at the problem again when I was fresh and the solution was simple and right in front of me.

And of course, don’t sweat the small stuff. We often say this but put a lot of time and energy into the little things when it really will not make much difference to anything if you let it go or sit on your “to do” pile for a while. I often find that if it sits there more than a day or two, it really is not all that important and I get back to focusing on the larger and more important items.

So at the end of day, we sometimes need to take a breath, refocus on what is important, and a lot of our issues can be solved. And of course you can always ask for help!