The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

When I look and hear what is going on economically at the moment, I often ask people of there are things that they can do to make their business or themselves better during these times. I attended the 2016 Community Awards in Fort St John recently and watched as a large number of people and organizations were nominated and then awarded for their contributions to making Fort St John better. They constantly do this despite the major challenges that some of them face. So back to my question- “what are you doing about moving forward?” We should always be looking forward and not back.

What can you do to help yourselves? I attended an information session on an upcoming conference in Grande Prairie June 14-16 and wanted to share what they are offering. It is called 55 North and it is for businesses and individuals who want to work together to form business alliances and create a game plan for your success as you gain perspective on current world conditions. It includes unique experiences, outdoor adventures and intimate dinners in executive homes and unique spaces. One of the key offerings of this conference is to offer networking for all attendees and make connections that could make a great deal of difference on how you currently do business and how you may do so in the future. You can find out more at

This is also the time to look to professional development of both yourselves and your employees. Unfortunately training and professional development do not receive a large budget every year in many companies or organizations but it may be the key to your company or organization moving forward and act as a great recruitment and retention tool. I would suggest that you or your employees already don’t have a training or professional development plan, now is the time to put one together.

I know that times are tough for many people but we should all be looking to the future as there is a light at the end of every tunnel.