Be Prepared

This is the time of year when we witness new growth all around us. We are shedding the heavy winter clothing and looking at that summer gear. It is also that time of year when we experience the greatest impatience in waiting for summer to finally arrive. My theme this month is getting prepared for renewed energy and growth.

As a business or organization, are you taking the time to shed that “winter” mood and re-energize for the spring. It is really easy to sit back and get depressed about what is going on with the economy both at the world and local level. It can also be difficult to get into the “let’s look forward” mode but we have to if we are to survive. So here are some questions:

  1. Have you been cutting back on spending money for advertising or marketing your business or organization?
  2. Have you been cutting back on providing training or employee development?
  3. Have you been cutting back on developing a new or updated business plan for the next 2-3 years?

If the answers to all of these are “yes”, then are you really preparing yourself for the future? I have a friend in marketing who often says that during the down or quiet times, it is the time to spend more money on marketing. When the good times come back, your client base will not have grown and you will then have to play catch up. Will you or your employees be ready for the next growth spurt and will your business or organization be ready for the next couple of years?

Investing today in marketing, training and business planning will pay great dividends in the future.