Social Media

The topic this month is Social Media. Now I know that some of you may feel that this is a trend and have not been keeping up but have you really looked at how other organizations and individuals have really stated to use social media for their businesses or organizations? The world today is moving at a very rapid pace and social media is one of the medians that are helping it get there. Both young and old have embraced it and it has quickly become apparent that everyone has to get on board with this new means of communication and marketing.

So why should you jump on the social media train? Did you know that the average age of people using Face Book is between 45 and 60? Did you know that if Face Book was a country, it would be the second largest country in the world? Have you been watching how people and businesses use Face Book to promote their causes or businesses? Or how about just plain communicating?

So once the young ones figured out that we old timers were using Face Book, they moved to Twitter. Do you or your organization use Twitter to send out updates on what you are doing? Take a look at Twitter. Most media, politicians and prominent leaders around the world use Twitter. This has become the new way to effectively communicate with each other. It is instant, short (you can link to larger articles, etc.) and effective. It takes less time and many have discovered its endless possibilities.

It seems hard sometimes to keep up with our changing times but we all have to do it in order to ensure that we are effectively communicating with our clients or constituents. Give it a try- jump into the deep end! It is not hard to swim in the pool and you will have lots of company.

A tremendous book to read this month is “Patriot Hearts” by John Furlong. It is an excellent story on the Olympics and a superb lesson on leadership and teamwork.

And watch this one on social media. Some good material here:…