The New Year’s Resolution

I was thinking of the inevitable question that everyone asks at this time of year- what is your New Year’s Resolution. I heard a great description of a New Year’s resolution the other day- “ a promise that I intend to keep for the next 30 days!” How true is that.

So here are some for you to consider keeping in mind my 2011 newsletters:

  • I promise to use the “one second rule” this year. Remember that one? Take one second extra to do everything and it will force you to slow down just enough to do things like not hit your shoulder on the door frame as you leave the room or actually turn off the lights before you leave the room.
  • I promise to get control over my email including managing my email loads.
  • I promise to get a better handle on my work/life balance this year. More time for such things as reading, enjoying family and friends and taking some time for me.
  • I promise to smile more and to share that smile with others every day.
  • I promise to help others as much as I can and be thankful for what I have.
  • And for supervisors and owners of companies, I promise to spend some time each day checking up on my staff to see how they are doing and to lead by example.

I am sure that you have a couple to add as well so I will keep the list to “doable”

A couple of good reads for you- “ Take Charge and Change your Life Today” by Trevor Bolin (yes the very same from Fort St John} and “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson.

And don’t forget to start each day with “Yes I Can!”