Email And Stress Relief

A couple of subjects this month- more on emails and some on handling stress. Both are related to each other and I am convinced more times than enough that email can add significant stress to one’s day – through the content, numbers and frequency.

I recently heard of an interesting innovation dealing with emails- no internal emails on Friday. This company only allows emails to clients on Fridays and insists that any communication on Fridays will be by personal conversation or by phone. They have found that production is actually increasing and that people are getting along much better with each other. They have found that their employees are also contacting their clients in person more often and this has been seeing positive results. This would fit in with what many companies call “casual Fridays”. Is it worth a try?

During this past month, I consulted with an individual who specializes in leadership and dealing with stress. Here are some of her hints for you to consider:

  • Most stress usually lands from the neck up so when you are really feeling stressed out, take a deep breath and let that tension out.
  • Ground yourself by mentally working your way up from the feet upwards.
  • Focus on the task at hand. If you are driving, focus on driving and nothing else.
  • If people are throwing bad stuff at you, do not keep it but focus on moving forward.
  • Try not listening to the news when you are driving. Most news is negative and distracts you.

Try this little exercise: Stop what you are doing; drop your hands to your side. Close your eyes. Deep breath in through your nose. Breathe out slowly through your nose. Then breathe normally and relax. Feel your feet and wiggle your toes. Open your eyes. Smile and say to yourself “I am okay”. You will feel better and more relaxed so that you can move forward with your day.

So try that new software out – personal communication and the phone and try to relax more. It will be good for both you and your employees.