Customer Service

I have just spent a week in Scotland and had a chance to observe and good and not so good customer service by airlines, car rental company, hotels, restaurants, etc. The best service we received was by the waiter who looked after us most mornings with a great smile, sense of humour and excellence service. It put some faith back that excellent service is still out there.

So back to us. Have you evaluated the level of client service you are providing on a regular basis? Are you and your staff still providing “A” level service at all times? Or have you slipped into the mode that “B” level service is sufficient and is being perceived by yourself or your organization as acceptable? We must remember that the customer is paying for and expecting “A” level service. I know that it is often tempting not to give and sometimes difficult to give “A” level service at all times but that will separate you from those who just don’t care. And remember that the customer will vote with their feet and quietly or not so quietly slip away.

Some ideas on how to provide some that old-fashioned customer service:

  • Ask your clients how they are feeling about your level of service and ask them to be honest, not just nice. Client meetings once in a while to do this is preferred as surveys, etc. are most often not completed by clients because of the time it takes for those “it will only take 5 minutes” surveys. It also gives the client a sense that you care about their feedback.
  • Be prepared to make changes based on feedback. In a lot of cases, you only get one shot at improvement with some clients and some of that is based on taking steps to improve.
  • Measure your level of service on a regular basis.
  • And remember, anything below excellent should not be acceptable.
  • And don’t forget that every customer deserves the best level of service at the same cost.
  • Teach yourself and staff what “A” level service is and then make that the mantra of your daily operations.

Somehow the world has slipped to “B” level service and customers or clients have come to accept that as the norm despite paying “A” level prices. Good customer service does not cost any more and you and your organization will benefit in the long run through returning clients and new ones who hear about your service.