Are You Ready For Your Employees?

One of the huge issues facing organizations and business these days is finding suitable employees to get the job done. Everyone is facing challenges in this matter and it does not look like it is going to get better in the future. So what are you doing to make yourselves look more attractive to future or current employees? The old adage “ well they are just lucky to have a job” is partly true but not the case in many circumstances today. We have employees who are constantly on the lookout for bigger and/or better things from their employers or they will walk at the first opportunity. Now most employers do not have any more money to give but they can offer incentives in the workplace to make them attractive to prospective employees.

Some ideas for doing this are:

  • Flexible workweeks. Can the job be done in 4 days as opposed to 5?
  • Can the job be done partly from home? Many employees such as single parents or moms who cannot work full time away from the home but have a lot of talent and experience may need to work from home part time.
  • How is your general work environment? Is it stressful, negative or flexible, innovative, and positive? Potential employees do check this out!
  • How about you as an employer or supervisor? Are you viewed as a good person to work for? Again, there is that unofficial reference check that goes on.
  • Do you provide workplace bonuses such as a free parking space, occasional long weekends, casual dress Fridays, etc.?
  • Do you allow your employees time to take care of family business such as children’s dentist or doctor appointments, etc. without docking them pay?

Now I can hear the “what is he thinking” going on at this very moment but remember, they do check us out and if you are looking for employees, all of this matters. Loyalty to company is no longer what it is used to be so employers are going to have to be more flexible and innovative.

The race is on!