Surviving The Times

During the past year, we have seen a lot of ups and downs in the economy and this has resulted in cut backs, reduced income for companies and organizations, and lots of stress for many. Survival seems to be the key word for many. Many are often tempted to crawl into that cave or dark… Continue Reading »

A Positive Attitude

This month I want to focus on self-success. We are often our own worst critics and this can in turn lead us to be down on ourselves. It can affect work performance and lead to leadership and worker issues. How often have you made a mistake and then beaten yourself up for it? Often we… Continue Reading »

Are You Relevant?

People often talk about resolutions and their commitment to those resolutions. I heard a saying the other day about resolutions- they are a promise made to yourself that lasts for about 30 days! So what resolutions are you going to be making to your company or organization in 2016. In these trying financial times, there… Continue Reading »